Move over canned foods, make room for canned pot

Crack open a can of Coca-Cola, LaCroix or Coors on a hot day. Listen to the pop-hiss and feel the carbonation fizz.

Pull back the tab on a can of CalyxGreen, found on the shelves of Cotati’s medical marijuana dispensary Mercy Wellness, and hear the same pop-crack. A flood of terpenes, which give marijuana’s oils their fragrance, infuses the air.

“Popping the top — then hear the tsssst — and you know you’re the first one in there,” said Ryan Malone, 37, of Santa Rosa, who on Tuesday was buying an eighth of an ounce of Sour Amnesia, packaged in a pull-top can, at the Cotati dispensary.

As the marijuana industry goes through a massive transformation under the weight of new rules drafted by state and local lawmakers, businesses are dealing with a fresh set of demands for quality control and storage.

Marijuana’s iconic container — Baggies — just doesn’t cut it at keeping buds fresh.

More than 100 strains of cannabis, sold in hermetically sealed cans, were on the shelves Tuesday at Mercy Wellness. Most of the flowers were grown indoors in Sonoma County by members of the dispensary collective, said Brandon Levine, founder of Mercy Wellness.

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