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N2 uses a unique process by packaging your product with Nitrogen. Despite common misconceptions, it preserves your product better than other methods and does not freeze anything! Our cans are designed with many people in mind, including the families of the end consumer. Learn more about our unique process, and our award winning Child-Resistant Lid & Ring.

We want you to understand why N2 is truly the best packaging company on the planet, and part of that is because we care about our impact to the planet. N2 is constantly making strides to become more sustainable, and to be better to Mother Earth. Join us on this journey, and we can help each other flourish.

Our Cans

Our cans are designed with the entire supply chain in mind. We understand that businesses can't always ship product the day after it's harvested. That's why our systems ensure that your product stays fresh like the day it was packaged for up to two-years. We also keep in mind the consumer, and have emphasized the importance of keeping their family safe. Our child-resistant lid and ring combo is a must have in the Cannabis industry.



N2 has developed their child-resitant lid so that it meets Federal safety standard regulations. The patented lid has been tested and certified as both child-resitant and senior-friendly.

Hermetically Sealed


After N2 cans are dosed with Nitrogen they are hermetically sealed for freshness, making the hermetic seal a key piece to keeping product tightly sealed in a modified-atmosphere. As long as this seal is not tampered with, your product can stay fresh like the day it was packaged for up to five years!

Can Quality

Can Quality

N2 Cans are lined to protect terpenes and to prevent leaching. The quality of packaging is crucial when it comes to maintaing the quality of the product being packaged. N2 offers food-grade lined cans that are designed to store heavily acidic compounds such as terpenes. Cans provided through N2 meet U.S FDA regulations for articles intended for use in contact with food.

We at N2 want to fight some common misconceptions, and address a serious issue other packaging companies have. When packaging is sealed without nitrogen it leaves room for water activity, and potentially even mold growth. Nitrogen inhibits mold growth on your product.

Another important fact is that nitrogen freezing your product is a myth. Your product remains unharmed, and unfrozen, while the atmosphere around it is modified. This helps it to stay fresh like the day it was packaged.

understanding water stability



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