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Can Quality

N2 Cans are lined to protect terpenes and to prevent leaching.

The type of can used for packaging is important to the quality of the product. N2 Packaging recommends food-grade lined cans for the packaging process. Cans provided through N2 meet U.S FDA regulations 21 CFR 175.300 for articles intended for use in contact with food. Our cans are lined to protect terpenes and to prevent leaching.

quality cans

Environmental Consideration

environmental consideration
Storage Temperature

Packaged cannabis is sensitive to temperature, and extreme conditions can affect the quality of the product. N2 Packaging recommends storing packaged cannabis at a consistent and acceptable temperature (ideally between 32-68°F.) Independent tests have indicated optimal storage temperature occurs at 58°F.


The ideal relative humidity (RH) range for a packaging operation room is between 55-62%. This range inhibits mold growth, yet guarantees product quality and resin integrity. A well-balanced moisture content in the immediate atmosphere will keep product fluffy, aromatic, and potent prior to packaging. N2 Packaging recommends monitoring humidity in the packaging facility.

Water Activity (aW)

According to FDA food packaging guidelines, a food at any pH that is not a Time/Temperature Control (TCS) food that is packaged with a water activity less than or equal to 0.92 will not support growth of Clostridium botulinum spores. N2 Packaging recommends a water activity level of less than 0.65 for their packaging process.

Our patented cans and lids are

safe and compliant

child-resistant lids

N2 Packaging provides a child-safe lid option to meet Federal safety standard regulations CPSC 16 CFR part 1700.20 and 1700.15. N2's patented lid has been tested and certified as child/senior-safe. N2 recommends utilizing their chid-safe lid option with the packing process.

Label & Testing Requirements

N2 Packaging recommends familiarizing yourself with your state regulations for label and product testing requirements. Once you provide N2 Packaging with your state requirements, we will work with you to design unique and creative labels that include all required elements.


Adequate training in the packaging process and in the use and maintenance of the packaging equipment is critical for a successful packaging operation. N2 Packaging recommends implementation of a training strategy in your facility. N2 Packaging will train your staff in initial set-up and installation, and training videos will be accessible after installation. N2 staff will also assist via phone or video chat as needed. Contact N2 Packaging with questions or for assistance with training needs.

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