Service and Repair Rates

  • Straight Time
    $75.00/hr | $600/8-hr day
  • Overtime & Saturday
    $125.00/hr | $1,000/8-hr day
  • Sunday
    $200.00/hr | $1,600/8-hr day

Travel Time Invoiced by Above Rates

Transportation & Living expenses
  • By Company Vehicle
  • By Rail, Plan, Rented Car, or Cab Overnight
    Actual Cost plus 15%
  • Lodging & Meals
    Actual Cost plus 15%
materials & equipment
  • Parts or materials purchased and used on job
    Normal Charge
  • Replacement parts carried by serviceman
    Normal Charge

If the customer moves locations, and requires N2 Packaging assistance, they will be responsible for any cost associated.

Upgrade Fees

N2 Packaging Systems, LLC will charge customer a $3,000 fee for any upgrades on seamer equipment.

Service Levels

N2 is the first contact for all equipment services. Customer support is available at all times. In a circumstance that we are not able to answer the phone, your call will be returned within 24 hours. If the problem cannot be solved via over the phone or FaceTime, will will send a technician as soon as possible. All phone services are complementary. For technician site visits, rates are listed above.

Customer Obligations

Customer shall be responsible for the following:

  • Customer may be required to conduct preliminary diagnostic steps or provide additional information related to a support request, prior to a technician being dispatched to Customer’s facility.
  • Provide adequate access to facility.