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The Future of Packaging is Here

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Sustainable Cannabis Packaging
The cornerstone of N2 is our

patented process

which uses nitrogen to eliminate the enemies of freshness-light and oxygen- hermetically sealing cannabis in a food-grade container. This step dramatically increases the product's shelf life while also reducing the possibility of contamination. Since our process has been developed with the goal of sustainability in mind, N2 Packaging also offers one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions on the market.

  • Safety
  • Shelf Life
  • Sustainability

Our Mission

is to collaborate with licensed, reputable businesses to provide a packaging solution that consistently delivers high quality product through a compliant, sustainable process.

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From Recycled
to Recycle

Cultivators and consumers are dedicated to a greener future, and SO ARE WE! We're constantly working to make our packaging the most sustainable option in the market.


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