Compare Your Packaging

Understanding the differences between packaging types and the purpose each serves is important when deciding how you want to present your brands, and what kinds of experiences you want to create for your customers.

One of the most important components of creating a great consumer experience with your cannabis brand is the impact your product makes on the shelf, and once it’s opened.

Product freshness, color, composition, water stability and “nose” are regularly cited by cannabis consumers as critical in their selection process. So our patented 2Can™ with N2 Nitro Inside™ was designed with all of this in mind.

According to a recent study conducted by Brightfield Group, 71% of consumers and 86% of budtenders favored nitrogen-infused packaging like N2’s 2Can™ for product freshness and terpene preservation.

Let’s talk about how our packaging and your world-class products are a perfect match for each other.

7 out of 10 budtenders recommend our packaging to their customers...

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