N2 takes our commitments to sustainability and the professionalization of the cannabis industry very seriously.

We are focused on doing our part wherever we can to lead the way and to influence safety and compliance standards in cannabis packaging, and while we’re at it, working to reduce the cannabis industry’s reliance on plastics in packaging; to source and make recycled, recyclable and repurposed packaging for our clients and the customers they serve, and to minimize the industry’s pollutive impact on the environment.

To accomplish our goals, we’re joining forces with organizations that share our passion for these efforts. Our work with the National Cannabis Industry Association, ASTM International, the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition is important to us. If you’re interested in making a difference too, we would encourage you to learn more about the great work these industry leading groups are doing.

N2 Products


38mm - Plastic 3.5 grams


38mm - Metal Domestic 3.5 grams


38mm - Metal 3.5 grams

73mm - Metal 10 grams

Child-Resistant / Senior-Accessible Lids

Black Lids

White Lids

Single Piece Lids

Beverage Lids

Tamper-Evident Pull Tabs

Clear - Clear Tab Metal Ring

Metal - Metal Tab Metal Ring