Whether you’re interested in a semi-automated or fully automated packaging system, N2 has your solution. Single site cultivators, craft cannabis houses and the largest multi-state operators (MSOs) rely on our state-of-the-art packaging equipment and our patented 2Can™ with N2 Nitro Inside™ to deliver the best packaging experience for their end consumers.

Let’s talk about your needs and customize a packaging system that will exceed your requirements, showcase your brand at its best, and delight your customers.

High-Volume Seamer

The High-Volume Seamer hermetically seals your can by seaming the tamper evident pull tab onto the container. Hermetically sealing your product in a modified atmosphere package.


The Doser inserts a micro dose of liquid nitrogen into the can containing dried flower. Once the nitrogen is introduced, it expands, pushing all of the oxygen out of the container. By eliminating oxygen, a modified atmosphere is created inside of the can. This process eliminates bacterial growth, maintains the flower’s moisture content, and keeps those precious terpenes happy and healthy!

Side Label Applicator

The Side Label Applicator smoothly applies your compliant branded label onto the side of your packaging.

Child-Resistant Lid Applicator

Ensure that your product is safe and compliant with the Child-Resistant Lid Applicator. This piece of equipment places our two-piece child-resistant lid onto the hermetically sealed container. An added benefit is that the lid is also senior-accessible.

Top Label Applicator

Automatically apply your customized top label to your already affixed Child-Resistant lid using the Top Label Applicator.

Accumulation Tables

Whether you want to gather your cans together at the beginning of the assembly line, at the end, or both; by adding Accumulation Tables to your process you will only increase your efficiency.