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48mm Quarter Oz Can Side Label

48mm Quarter Oz Can Side Label

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Need a price quote first? Be sure to request a quote when you fill out the Special Instructions* during checkout. Label pricing is based on quantity, paper choice, size of label and amount of ink per label. Once you submit your design along with the required information and checkout, we can give you a price quote.

To submit an order (or just get a quote)

  1. Download templates below.

  2. Create the file and save it as Adobe Illustrator .ai, or export it as ‘Press Quality’ .pdf with fonts embedded. If you send an .AI file, be sure to create outlines for ALL fonts first and then compress into a .ZIP file.

  3. Be sure all state regulation information is correct.

  4. If file is larger than 10MB, compress PDF files into .zip file format.

  5. Upload artwork towards the bottom of this page.

  6. Enter the required additional information (i.e. paper quality, quantity, etc.)

  7. Add to shopping cart and continue to add additional labels if needed.

  8. Proceed to checkout. Done!


File Preparation Guidelines

  • We recommend saving files in ‘Press Quality’ PDF format with all fonts embedded. If you are unable to send a PDF, you may also send us an .AI file (Adobe Illustrator with the fonts outlined) but you must submit in a .zip file. We also accept high-resolution JPEG or TIFF ONLY.

  • Use a minimum of 300 DPI (image resolution) at output size. Try not to reduce resolution of any photos or logos while making your project, including when you are exporting your final file.

  • CMYK colorspace is recommended (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). This is the industry standard for printed materials. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is used for digital display.

  • Include a 0.125 inch bleed beyond the trim line if you want color to the edge, as indicated by the bleed margin on the templates.

  • Ensure all important elements are 0.125 inches inside the trim line. This prevents losing information during label die-cutting.

Digital Processing Fee

All label designs are subject to a one-time digital setup fee to check size, colorspace, fonts, graphics and generate a color proof.

1 design = (1 top + 1 side art together) Same price if just ordering top or side labels.

  • 1 design = $50.

  • 2 designs = $100.

  • 3 or more = $150.

There is no Digital Processing Fee for recurring designs that have already been submitted.

*Left-hand side of labels leads into the label applicator. Labels are wound on outside of the roll.

Step 1: Upload Artwork

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Step 2: Enter Details and Add to Cart