N2 Packaging Systems LLC | New Hire Announcement – Vice President of Sales & Marketing

N2 Packaging Systems LLC is excited to announce and welcome Jared Masters as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company. Masters will lead the efforts to increase revenue, expand brand awareness internationally, direct a new sales team, and implement new marketing and business strategies.

“We have an opportunity to provide the U.S. and all emerging cannabis markets internationally with a recyclable packaging solution that creates a clean and safe environment for consumer cannabis products. The liquid nitrogen flush our machines spray prior to sealing inhibits mold, microorganisms, and other potentially harmful bacterias that would compromise the freshness and quality of the product. This is a solution this industry desperately requires. Excited to get the ball rolling,” said Masters.

Masters was born and raised in Grants Pass, OR growing and tending to medical cannabis since 2008. Masters has helped advise and build multiple cannabis brands including his most recent project as content manager and lead photographer at Stoner Magazine.

“Media is crucial in our industry right now, and print can help legitimize brands. In the cannabis space, the people doing the groundwork who are striving to bring structure and legitimacy to our industry deserve recognition,” said Masters.

Masters was originally groomed for PR and multimedia at a company called ERN (Entertainment Right Now) where he produced multiple nationally syndicated talk shows including The Drive, Popular Science Radio, Inc. Radio, and more. The company was heavily involved in multimedia for brands such as Shell Oil, Maserati, Dodge, Fortune, Barrett-Jackson.

His knowledge of the many sides of the cannabis industry paired with his ability to network and connect brands, as well as his passion for N2’s product, made him a prime candidate for the position.

N2 Packaging Systems offers a much needed packaging solution for the cannabis industry. Their patented process includes packaging controlled substances in a sealed container with a modified atmosphere. This process extends the shelf life of your flower exponentially, which in the long run will save most producers hundreds of thousands of dollars in product that would have become dried out and unusable over time. The modified seamer hermetically seals each can after it’s flushed with liquid nitrogen.

The popularity of N2’s patented process can be attributed to dispensary customers and producers alike who swear by the process. Cans are currently available in eighth and quarter sizes with the option of a plastic resealable lid, and a child/senior-proof lid. One customer in California said, “Having weed available in cans almost makes it more like wine. I always buy multiple cans so I can take one home to smoke, then save the other one for special occasions to share with friends or associates from out of town.” More consumers capture their on-the-go use of the cans in a variety of recreational environments; popping cans on social media as they fish, surf and even skydive.

N2 partners such as Space Monkey Meds, Willies Reserve and Rare Dankness have also reported increased recognition around the globe thanks to social media posts featuring their canned flower. “We get tagged in reaction videos of people opening the cans for the first time, it’s so fun to watch,” said one partner in Colorado. West Coast partners have additionally attributed the cans as vehicles for elevating their companies to “cannabis lifestyle” brands.

The ability to have truly ‘farm to table’ fresh cannabis is what all master growers look for. N2 provides the ability to do just that. Once your flower is cured simply can, store, open, and enjoy.